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Dr. Marc Nacar

Nacar Dental Clinic,

DDS, M.D, D.G, Functional and Esthetic Oral Rehabilitation

 Marc Nacar, (Médecin-Dentiste, Dentiste Généraliste, INAMI 38711413001, 442.644.454) is a Belgian citizen,  grandson and  son of respectively Dr Léon Nacar and Dr Isy Nacar, both late famous Dental Surgeons.  Marc Nacar is specialised in  Functional and Esthetic Oral Rehabilitation by means of implants, prosthesis and esthetic treatments. He received his early childhood education at a Belgian school ,Le Paradis des Enfants, and completed his high school education at The International school of Brussels, ISB. He obtained his Master in Dental Science (DDS) from the Catholic University of Louvain, School of Dental Medicine, in 1987. He completed his Masters in Oral Rehabilitation in 1988 with Drs Jacques Bori and Jo Morera in Chamberry and Marseille, both former visiting professor at Boston university and U-pen school of Dental Medicine, respectively . He was formed in implantology by Dr Ackerman in Stutgaert in 1987. In 1987, Marc set up a dental practice in Brussels and became a member of the Belgian Dental Association (Société de Médecine Dentaire). Marc Nacar has more than 30 years of experience placing and restoring dental implants (Titanium and Ceramic implants). In 1994, Marc founded the Belgian Academy of Esthetic DentistryBAED. That same year,  he opened a new dental surgery in Uccle, Brussels. In 1995, Marc was elected President of the Belgian Dental Association, a position he maintained until 2000, after which he remained active in the association as Past and Honorary President. In 2000, Marc took on the position of Chief Editor of the Belgian Dental Association’s monthly publication “Le point”. Marc lectured throughout Europe, Canada and the USA, and regularly had his work published in the “Revue Belge de Médecine Dentaire”, “Le point” or “L’Information Dentaire”. Marc Nacar was awarded Honorary Membership and Life Fellowship of the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy in 2001 for his exemplary services to dentistry. In January 2006, Marc acquired the title of Médecin-Dentiste, and opened a new office in Switzerland (Crans Montana), where he was a consultant for Functional and Esthetic Oral Rehabilitations until 2016. In 2009-2011, Marc Nacar attended Tufts School of Dental Medicine, in Boston, M.A. , U.S.A., where he completed continuing education in Craniofacial Esthetics.

In 2012 Marc Nacar initiated a post-grad in hypnotherapy, enabling him to deal with anxious patients through hypnosis (www.nouvellehypnose.com). He also received the AOO(Tm) certification in EiriePensylvania, USA as well as the Nitrous Oxyde (MEOPA) certification.

In 2013, Marc  Nacar received the mandatory CBCT certification (Cone Beam CT scan) from adivimago since the clinic is equiped with the latest X-ray CBCT technology. he also followed a Master in Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction from Prof. Aravena in Barcelona.

From 2014-2016, Marc Nacar worked with his team in the Claris clinic group, offering patients the opportunity to be treated under general anesthesia or conscious sedation with the help of a state of the art anesthesiologist.

In 2015 Marc Nacar received the Dental XP/University of New York , Stony Brook School of Dental Médecine, 1 year  Implantology Externship certificate of Merit and attended the Master week in Atlanta,USA.

In 2016, The  office has been totally renovated  offering 6 state of the art dental offices with the latest technology. The in-house laboratory is now equipped with 3-D milling and printing technology and the office acquired the digital optical intra-oral scanners for digital impressions. A new dental implant navigating system permitting to enhance implant placement security has been acquired too. Dr Nacar travelled to Copenhague (Denmark) , Nice (France), and San Francisco (USA)  to acquire the knowledge of  those various computerized dental technologies.

In 2017, among several courses and congresses around Europe, Marc Nacar visited Japan Otemon Gakuin University( Osaka) and Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo) and studied the Japanese dental system in order to higher the level of the belgian  dental practices and to enter the dental digital world.

In 2018, strong of pioneering dental digital technology, Marc Nacar created the Belgian Academy of Digital Dentistry (BADD) a group of passionates who aim at developing and enhancing the dental digital workflow .

In association with the http://www.sleepclinic.be  Dr Nacar  receives his sleep apnea certification for TRP device (Tongue Right Positionner).

In 2019, Marc recceived the Fellowship in Digital Dentistry at DentalXP .

In 2020 and 2021 Marc is part of the team of the Belgian Dental Association, SMD, implementing the new hygiene protocoles  in order to treat patients  safely.

In his leisure time, Marc enjoys swimming, tennis, sailing, motorboating, scuba diving, mountainbike cycling, cross-country skiing, water skiing and wake-skating, hiking, surf and golf. In his spare times he also plays piano. Marc speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch fluently. He was Trustee of the International School of Brussels (ISB) from 2007 until 2016 and also Treasurer of the Saucez Foundation which delivers a yearly grant to researchers in the medical fields.

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