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Dimitri D’Hondt


• University of Ghent (2007-2012) MSc in Dentistry

• University of Ghent (2012-2013) Postgraduate Special Professional Title

from General Dentist

• Clinical Academy of Reconstructive Dentistry, Nijmegen, Netherlands

(2017-2018) Advanced reconstructive dentistry with Sjoerd Smeekes

• University of Geneva, Switzerland (feb 2020 – 2022) MAS Digital Dental

Technologies with Prof. Irena Sailer and Prof. Ivo Krejci

Professional experience:

• Independent employee and supervisor at UZ Gent

• General dentist at private practice Vijverhof, Bruges

• General dentist at private practice Ardenois, Kortrijk

• ITI member & speaker

Cursussen van deze spreker

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Advanced level
Complex level
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