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Dr. Luca Cordaro, MD, DDS, Ph.D.

, Rome

Dr Cordaro is Head of the Department of Periodontology and Prosthodontics at the
Eastman Dental Hospital in Roma. He also runs a busy private practice in Rome together
with his brother.
Dr Cordaro has published more than 70 papers in italian or international journals and
has contributed to different book chapters. He is coauthor of the Book “The SAC classification
in Implant Dentistry” and recently published “ITI Treatment Guide 7: Staged alveolar bone augmentation” edited by Quintessence.
He has lectured in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and he has given courses and seminars in more than 30 Universities all other the world. His professional interests are Periodontology, Implantology and Oral surgery with a special interest regarding the reconstructive treament of alveolar atrophies.

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