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International Team for Implantology

The Belgian section of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) has set itself the goal of combining and disseminating the expertise, knowledge and skills of you and your colleagues. In doing so, we combine new insights into science with experiences from practice.

Belgian ITI section

The Belgian members consist of ambitious colleagues, who consider it important to remain alert to developments and new insights in the broad field of oral implantology. Who would like to get in touch and stay with colleagues. The members are diverse and represent various niches within the profession: surgical specialists, both in implantology and in tissue regeneration, prosthetic specialists, also in the digitization of dentistry, scientists, entrepreneurs. Together they ensure an active discussion and cross-pollination during the meetings organized by the ITI. The Belgian section has its own board:

For our Education Program 2021 BeLux this means that we rely on fundamental and practice-oriented research, a clear basic vision and on experienced referees. A program in which you can share and gain knowledge in a growing range of courses, theme evenings, study clubs or even in a mentorship. All national and international events can be found on the website of the ITI www.iti.org. The local activities are on the ITI Net or www.iti.org/belgium.
And you will find on this website under course offer. These are then marked with the ITI logo.

Make sure you take the time to thoroughly view the program and plan your in-service training activities.

ITI Education Weeks
ITI Education Weeks offer high quality continuing education courses in implant dentistry aligned to the ITI philosophy of evidence-based treatment approaches. They give practitioners the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in implant-related treatment. Participants will benefit from:
  • Lecture and discussion sessions
  • Participation in treatment planning
  • Surgical and prosthetic hands-on sessions
  • Live surgical and prosthetic sessions
  • University-based continuing education (CE) credits
Do you want to fine-tune your implant dentistry skills? Sign up for our ITI Education Week: https://www.iti.org/ITI-Education-Week.