Thursday 17 March 2022 in Location t.b.d.

ClearCorrect Smart Start

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ClearCorrect Smart Start

Clear aligner treatments are increasingly popular as a treatment option in orthodontics. With ClearCorrect, Straumann Group has a proven quality aligner brand under her roof.

Are you also interested to start with ClearCorrect, but don’t you have the experience yet? Join our 1 day ‘ClearCorrect Smart Start’ course! The goal of the course is to introduce new customers to orthodontics with ClearCorrect, so that they can start with simple to moderate cases the day after.


On the course day Jasper Thoolen explains everything they need to know about starting with ClearCorrect with a strong focus on selecting the right cases for you as starters. He will go through all the different stages of a treatment as well. In the afternoon there is a workshop where you will create a treatment planning together


More detailed agenda


  • Holistic treatment planning
  • The biology of tooth movement
  • Basic orthodontics (types malocclusion, tooth movements, terminology, predictability of movements)
  • Case selection
  • Pre-treatment conditions
  • How it works: What do you need, communication with the patient, IPR/PPR, attachments etc.
  • Checkup’s and revisions
  • Lunch


  • Treatment options ClearCorrect Flex – ONE – Unlimited
  • WORKSHOP – With the group: Create a case in the portal (scan the patient, make pictures, uploading into the portal)
  • The case is discussed in the group and a treatment plan is made.
  • Orthodontics: ‘the bigger picture’ – with some cases.


Practical information:

Language: Dutch, but if we have English speaking customers we can switch to English

Speaker: Drs. Jasper Thoolen

Location: Hotel de Leijhof, Oisterwijk (Restaurant The George & Hotel De Leijhof Oisterwijk)

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Cost: 75 euro p.p. (max 16 persons)



Location t.b.d.

Location t.b.d.


Email Address


Specifications and downloads

Thursday 17 March 2022 09:00
Thursday 17 March 2022 17:00
€75 VAT excl
Number of participants:
minimal 5, maximum 16
Target audience
Dentist implantologist, Dentist, Refferal Dentist
Straightforward, Advanced
  Registration open
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Thursday 17 March 2022 in Location t.b.d.

ClearCorrect Smart Start

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